Keith is AWESOME to work with! Easy to get a hold of, communicate with, and has questions answered or solved within 24 hours. I would highly recommend Keith.
Jeron M.

CEO, Advanced Physical Therapy Clinic

Keith provided exceptional services to my business. When I called Keith he answered 95% of the time and when I did leave a voicemail he promptly returned calls. Keith would always go the extra mile to resolve any issues. If he did not know the answer he’d stay on the phone and get me connected with the person that did. He also is great at follow up and checking in to make sure everything is copacetic. He’s very very personable and I would highly recommend him.
Scott G.

President, Automotive Company

Keith brought an attentive and professional attitude to the table when he helped my business. He sold me (and delivered) on his commitment to being available when I needed his help with something. Clearly a passionate and good man. The world of consulting needs more people like this.
Zach C.

CEO, American Restaurant

My wife and I own and Auto Repair shop in Wilsonville, and I worked with Keith when he was a sales person at Heartland processing. My experience with him was exceptional. I have had a number of sales people from other suppliers and fields routinely call on me and both try to earn my business and/or support me. Keith stood out because of his consistent commitment to quickly solving any and all problems and his rock solid knowledge of his product and services. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering engaging with Keith in a professional setting.
Bob B.

President, Automotive Repair Company

Keith has been an outstanding asset to my company. Very professional and a great pleasure to work with. He has helped me through the years to save thousands of dollars with his expertise and his very personal professionalism, I would highly recommend him.
Fernando S.

Owner, Sports Nutrition Company

My experience with Keith has been great! He’s open and honest about every decision and he genuinely wants to see you succeed. Keith gets just as excited to see our business grow as we do and you don’t see that very often! We value Keith as a friend and adviser and he’s the first person I go to when I have an important business decision to make.
Kellen M.

CFO, Physical Therapy Company

Keith has helped our company for two years. He has consistently provided us with useful feedback, advice and helped us to grow our company by not having to think about the things in areas he excels at. His business goes beyond just business. He has become a friend of ours and we value his professional advice, as well as his friendship.
Kalen P.

PT & Account Manager, Physical Therapy Clinic

We have dealt with Keith for a couple years and I can say he is always quick to answer a phone call and get something taken care of ASAP! Every time I had to leave a message, he responded within 20 minutes of the time I called him. Great to deal with and will even call randomly to just check up on us and make sure everything is running smoothly. I highly recommend Keith’s services and know he will always be there for our business!
Shannon B.

Office Manager, Hot Rod Restoration & Body Work

I write very few reviews if any at all, but I do have to mention when Keith walked thru the door of my business, I did not want anything to do with him all I knew was here is someone else trying to make me change processing companies. I have heard all the pitches from so many people, after thirteen years in this business it was so robotic I can tell it was from a script. Keith, however, was a different story. His character and way of being automatically made me listen to him, very personable, and I really knew Keith was honest and knew his company well. We connected and became friends oh and yes I changed companies. He continued to keep in touch often and always asked if I needed anything and he can always answer my questions. I have even called him at eleven o`clock at night, not only did He answer, but he fixed the problems I was having. I was sorry to see him leave the company, but I also know when he decided to go on his own I would support Keith.
Benjamin G.

Owner, Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Keith is the most scrupulous honest person I have ever done business with. He has become a true friend through our business relationship.
Kevin S.

Owner, Sports Memorabilia & Frame Shop

I had the pleasure of working with Keith in his previous capacity as our Heartland Relationship Manager, and he consistently provided us with exceptional, superlative service & attention. Not only was he responsive to our every query, he often anticipated our questions, concerns and needs and reached out frequently to make sure that we continued to feel that Heartland was providing us with the service and value they had promised when we signed on. I would jump at the chance to work with Keith again in any capacity, and I would enthusiastically recommend working with him to absolutely anyone who is considering doing so.
Rebecca P.

Controller, Multi Location Deli & Catering