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OUR Payment Gateway

Our payment gateway solutions for eCommerce, Retail, and B2B service providers allow them to automate payment related tasks while also protecting their client payment data from internet security breaches and data hackers.
Our gateway integrates to over 150 shopping carts and payment processors allowing you to choose the solutions that work best for your business.
Do you run a retail location? Our gateway will integrate your retail and online transactions into one report so you don’t have to worry about managing multiple accounts.
Do you have clients that are other businesses or government agencies? Our gateway solutions will help you manage invoicing and online payments while automating the interchange fee credits you get back from Visa & Mastercard.
Are you tired of spending hours trying to reconcile your merchant account to your accounting system? Our gateway will automatically reconcile your merchant account for you.

Store & Encrypt Credit Card Data

Many providers will provide solutions that allow you to store payment information while leaving you at-risk for a data breach. Our platform prevents credit card data from ever being exposed in your systems.

Automate Interchange Fee Credits

For B2B service providers, Visa & MasterCard have special rates for doing business with other businesses and government entities. We automate the gateway data entry so you qualify for the lowest fees on every transaction.

Surcharge Automation

Are you considering adding a fee when customers pay for your services? We handle the compliance and regulations so you can eliminate the cost of accepting credit cards without being at risk of being fined or losing your rights to process credit cards.

Payment Integrations

Are you looking for a payment gateway that is flexible? Our gateway solution integrates with over 150 shopping carts and payment providers allowing you to work with the solutions that are best for your business.

Recurring Payments

Our billing platform will help you manage recurring ach, credit and debit card transactions allowing you to focus on running your business.


Our billing platform will automatically update payment processing data in your accounting systems so your accounting team can eliminate manual data entry.


Our customer portal will help you manage your customers billing information while also giving them a secure portal to log in and process payments.

Reduce Payment Acceptance Costs

Our payment processing solutions for B2B service organizations provides efficient credit card processing rates, allowing you to retain and maintain profitability.


We provide live support 24/7/365 with all support tickets being resolved within 24 hours.


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