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merchant services

If you are processing credit card payments in the US, you are most likely processing payments on one of the major platforms like Elavon, Vantiv, First Data, TSYS, Global Payments, WorldPay, or Chase Paymentech. These are all fantastic platforms in one aspect or another and have all been excellent providers at one particular point in time. The reality is, unless your needs are very simple, you likely require a consultative approach to handling payments and are less interested in sitting across the table from an unpolished merchant account rep that’s under pressure to hit quota for their provider. We have access to most of these platforms and can help you solve the payment related challenges you face on your timeline, not ours. As a result, our clients have solution partners that take the time to help them process payments in the most efficient manner for their business.

mobile payment processing

You may or may not have an interest in facilitating mobile payments with your brand, but the reality is business models like Uber, Amazon, iTunes, ApplePay, and PayPal are changing the expectations of the 21st-century consumer. Being able to process payments within a mobile application is quickly becoming the standard and your payment processing provider may not have the capabilities to help you mobilize your payment strategy. With our mobile commerce solutions & gateways, we can help you acquire payment enhancements without having to switch from your existing processor.

point-of-sale technology

EMV, PCI compliance, and mobile payment processing solutions are three of the major contributing reasons merchants are reevaluating their point-of-sale strategy. Major legacy providers like Micros, Aloha, and Agilysis, are being seriously challenged by tablet-based providers like Revel, Brink POS, & Lightspeed. Purchasing the wrong point-of-sale from the wrong provider could cost your more than the money and time it takes to implement it. Your customer experience is at risk as well, and we help our clients stress test and vet point-of-sale providers to make sure it includes the capabilities they need to efficiently run their business and get support when they need it the most.

e-commerce payment processing

As consumers spend more time on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, the businesses that are positioned well to capitalize on these technology trends are those that are capable of accepting online payments. Consumers are making impulse decisions online and the best business isn’t always the winner, it’s the business that is positioned well online with a seamless, efficient online commerce experience. Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, & WooCommerce are a few of the major eCommerce platforms we have experience with and can help you get started on accepting payments for your business online.

business-to-business payments

Research shows us that most qualifying businesses have not been set up properly to accept business and government credit cards. Most have been set up to accept consumer and check cards vs purchase cards, meaning they are not passing along the additional transaction information that would significantly benefit their business. This additional transaction information is referred to as level II & III data, which when included can reduce transaction costs by as much as 1.5%. Adding the additional data can at times be time-consuming so most merchants choose to bypass this option. We help qualifying merchants automate the capturing of level II & III data, allowing them to reduce their overhead costs without slowing down their operations.

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