Defining Moments In Entrepreneurship

    Twelve months ago, I sat at client's cafe in Lake Oswego, OR and bawled my eyes out as I wrote a resignation letter on my iPad. I was emotional because I was really going to miss serving my clients. I really enjoyed helping businesses with their credit...

16 Ways To Get The Word Out About Your New Business

You’ve got your business plan, store equipment, decorations, and inventory. The one thing you don’t have yet is customers! Here are 16 ways to get the word out about your business so you can climb the ranks as another successful business in your town. Get...

Is Square Bullying Entrepreneurs?

According to an article published by TechCrunch, we’re in the midst of a great revolution in the technology and payment processing industry. With the rapid advancements taking place with payments, social media, eCommerce, email, and text messaging all converging on...

22 Ways To Cook Up Sales For Your New Bar or Restaurant

You’ve got your business plan, kitchen equipment, food, spices, and if you’re a bar, hundreds of tequila or ciders options ready to flow. The one thing you don’t have yet though is customers! Here are 22 ways to get the word out about your restaurant or bar so you can...

10 QuickBooks Online Apps That Will Save Your Business

With the rapid advancements in technology, competition, and the increasing costs of human capital, the one thing I notice when I meet with business owners on a routine basis is that they are very short on time, especially for those that haven’t outsourced...

Credit Card Processing: Who’s The Best?

Integrity. Ethical. Trusted. Secure. Honest. Innovative. Transparent. Reliable. Easy. The Best.   I know. Sounds compelling right? Those were the words I consistently found when researching the leading credit card processing providers in the United States. The...

B2B Payment Processing: Are You Overpaying?

According to Forrester Research, B2B eCommerce sales are on the rise due to the rapid advancement of cloud technology, platforms, API’s and integrated ecosystems. Another major contributor, according to The Economist, is that over 30% of decision makers are...

Durbin: What REALLY Happened To The Savings?

We all remember it like it was yesterday, the Great Recession that sent the financial markets falling like dominoes and shook American consumer confidence like no time other than the Great Depression. In fact in multiple ways it was worse, America's largest sectors,...

Payment Processing: Finding The Right Provider

Thousands of Owners, Controllers and CFO's go in search of the perfect payment processing account year after year only to find themselves going through the process again at some point, a process that usually takes more time than they want to spend and one that also...

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