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Why You Should Never Meet With Another Payment Processor

Today, I sat with a business owner as we met with a credit card processing company that sold them $600 worth of equipment on a 48-month lease for $400 per month. The business owner had been having problems with the credit card swipes on their Revel POS system and they...

A Thanksgiving Story About Entrepreneurs

When I was in sixth grade, I was considered an “at-risk” youth. I didn’t live in the best neighborhood and wasn’t exposed to the best influences. This led to me being kicked out or expelled several times before reaching high school. My dad remodeled and built homes so...

Myth #1: Going Direct Is Best For Your Business

As a business owner needing a quality solution to accept credit cards, you are constantly pursued by credit card processing agents telling you to “Go Direct” so you can eliminate all your payment processing headaches. This “pitch” is used by thousands of credit card...

Business Banking: How Banks Leverage Entrepreneurs For Wealth

As a business owner, you rely on a quality business banking relationship to help you be successful as banking is an integral part of paying yourself, your employees, and your vendors. And while having a quality business banking relationship is important, it’s equally...

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