The most trusted payment solutions for businesses.


with the financial industry focusing primarily on earning shareholder value and profit, we focus on earning and protecting what really matters, your trust.


We’ve combined decades of experience to help retail, restaurant, and b2b brands acquire transparent, powerful business solutions.


We’ve formed a diverse set of relationships from payments to lending to help entrepreneurs find the solutions they need to scale and grow their business.

A Refreshing Approach To Payment technology

Northwest Advisory Group is a payment consulting organization based in Portland, Oregon that is committed to helping businesses in the retail, restaurant, and B2B sector control expenses and increase their revenue. We accomplish that by helping them select the right payment processor and implementing tools to help them grow their business.

Our Process


We analyze your payment systems to uncover opportunities to streamline interchange, card brand, and provider costs, while completing a competitive analysis and payment strategy.


We then leverage payment industry partnerships to customize and recommend the right payment processing solutions in alignment with your organizations needs and business objectives.


We help our clients implement the best payment solutions for their business while assigning them a dedicated account manager to provide them with live customer support and training.

What People Are Saying

Keith from Northwest Advisory Group is one of my most trusted business associates and has always been on point with his customer service. There really is no comparison to any other merchant service provider out there. He is always ready to go above and beyond expectations to earn our business.
Rick C.

President, Automotive Repair

Keith is a pleasure to work with. He is readily available to answer questions or drop by the boutique when technical issues come up. I can’t think of anyone else who would be so willing to spend an hour on the phone with a large banking service, in order to work out the details necessary for the shop to run smoothly. 
Tracy T.

President, Perfume Retailer

Keith did a great job of setting my business up with a Merchant Services account that is able to take all major credit cards at incredibly great rates. When I had a difficulty with my “swipe” gadget, Keith was there straight away with a replacement! Thanks Keith for the excellent customer service you provide!
Sharon V.

President, Construction Design Firm

Northwest Advisory Group

Northwest Advisory Group is a payment consulting organization based in Portland, Oregon that is committed to helping entrepreneurs build profitable businesses in the retail, restaurant, and B2B sector.

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